The Argentinean Association of South Africa

The Argentinean Association of South Africa (AASA) is an educational and cultural heritage not-for profit association. The association offers Argentinean cultural events, dancing, singing, and other outreach programs in the greater Johannesburg region. Come join us at the AASA, which is open to the public, or become a member of our club and participate in our regular events, dinners and dances. The AASA caters for the young and old. No Argentinean heritage or language skills are required to join our club, just a desire to share and enjoy Argentinean customs and traditions.

The AASA was founded in 1999 and is about creating a community where Argentinean community members and other Latin American community members can meet to form friendships and bonds. The AASA is a not not-for profit association which uses 100% of the funds generated to fund house-keeping and special events.

The current President of the AASA is Mariano Cuervo who originates from Argentina.

For those persons wanting to practice or improve their Spanish language skills, the AASA has many members who speak Spanish fluently.

The AASA offers members and non-members an opportunity to experience Argentinean food at its club house every Sunday along with other adhoc events throughout the year. AASA is based within the boundaries of Marks Park in Emmerentia.




Are you interested in joining the Argentinean Association of South Africa? You do not need to be Argentinean to join our club. The AASA has a diverse membership who all share a desire to participate and enjoy in Argentinean heritage and celebrations. The AASA would love to have you join our organization.

The AASA hold ad-hoc events for members throughout the year. Interested parties are encouraged to attend as a guest prior to joining to see if you enjoy what the AASA has to offer.

For more information on attending as a guest, please email president@asociacionargentina.co.za.

To obtain a membership application, follow the these links:

Membership Form Download (PDF)

Membership Form Online

Memberships run from 1st of January to 31st December 2017

Membership Types Price Membership period
Family (up to 4 people) R2,000 1 Year
Single R1,000 1 Year

Membership benefits include:

  • Purchase items from the shop at reduced rates.
  • Access to the library of books
  • Reduced fees for functions and events


Key People

    • Club President

    • Club President
    • Club Secretary

    • Club Secretary
    • Internal Audit

    • Internal Audit

To see the Associations Full Contact List, click here

Contact us

083 268 8804



Argentinean Association of South Africa
Marks, Judith Road, Emmerentia

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